David Jones Earns Prestigious Dual Recognition from FAA

Avotek is celebrating a remarkable achievement by David L. Jones, a key member of our team. Jones has been awarded both the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award and the Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). These prestigious lifetime achievement awards, each recognizing 50 years of dedication, acknowledge Jones’ exceptional contributions […]

Avotek Releases the Aviation Mechanic ACS Book Series

Finally! An entire set of Aviation Mechanic Airman Certification Standards (ACS) textbooks you can teach from. This series is arranged/organized by the FAA ACS subjects and covers everything. We used the 67 pages of the ACS as a roadmap to create more than 2,100 pages of General, Airframe, and Powerplant material. As background, the FAA […]

Save 40% During Avotek-Online’s Black Friday Sale!

From Nov. 20 to Nov. 30, save $67 on Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics I and $40 on Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics II. These online courses are the essential guide to aircraft electronics associated with AET certification, for the student with little or no background in this field. These courses have been produced as a way […]

Avotek Welcomes Dennis DeMille

Avotek is pleased to announce it has hired Dennis DeMille as Production Manager. Dennis spent 21 years active duty in the U.S. Marines and retired in 2004. Since then, he has gained 18 years of experience at manufacturing companies. He has a history of decreasing lead times, improving quality and service, and increasing customer satisfaction. […]

Avotek-Online releases new course: Aircraft Fuel Systems

Aircraft fuel systems started with gravity systems that had only four parts. Now we have complex turbine engine systems with three types of pumps, several types of filters, a crossfeed system, pressure return lines, bottom pressure refueling with digital readouts, and all going into, or out of, several tanks at the same time. Need an […]

Avotek Improves Flight Safety with Risk Management for Aviation Maintenance Technicians

Risk Management for Aviation Maintenance Technicians is Avotek’s newest publication for improving flight safety by means of risk management. Air travel is very safe, but more can be done to make it even more so. A key way to do this is to manage risk. David Jones explains risk management in the aircraft maintenance environment […]

Avotek-Online Releases New Airframe Fire Protection Systems Course

Avotek-Online has released Airframe Fire Protection Systems, an online course that introduces students to the systems responsible for small and large aircraft fire protection and extinguishing. Because fire is one of the most dangerous threats to an aircraft, the potential fire zones of larger aircraft may be protected by fire protection and extinguishing systems. This […]

See how aircraft systems operate in weather phenomenon with Avotek’s Ice and Rain Control Systems Course

Ice and rain present some of the most difficult conditions for aircraft to operate in. Ice and Rain Control Systems explores some of the most common systems in use to handle these weather phenomena. This program looks at the most popular methods used to prevent icing, remove accumulated ice and systems used to allow flight […]

Avotek-Online keeps up new ACS momentum

Avotek-Online announces another addition to our Aircraft System Maintenance Category of aviation maintenance training programs. Cabin Environmental Systems provides an overview of the systems that are installed to provide passenger safety and comfort. These include Oxygen, Pressurization, Heating and Air Conditioning. With a total run time of 60 minutes, this program is divided into three […]

Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Joins Avotek-Online’s Aircraft System Maintenance Category

Avotek is happy to announce the release of another online learning program in our Aircraft System Maintenance category. Aircraft Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems is the second release in this category and joins the Aircraft Water and Waste Systems material that was introduced in November. This course includes an introduction to hydraulic and pneumatic systems used […]

Increase AMT student engagement with Avotek-Online’s new online course

Avotek-Online has released a new online course to cover the Aircraft Water and Waste Systems material now required by the ACS. This course complements Avotek’s recently released Aircraft Water and Waste Systems booklet and is the first offering in a group of courses that go in the Aircraft System Maintenance category/series on our Avotek-Online page. […]

Aircraft Nondestructive Testing blasts away old NDT resources

Aircraft Nondestructive Testing takes a deep dive with a modern take on nondestructive testing (NDT) to maintain aircraft and extend an aircraft’s useful life even more. This book explores many types of NDT that are commonly used in the aviation industry. You can see the physical, chemical, and electrical concepts that are applied and how […]

Avotek creates budget friendly option in alignment with Airmen Certification Standards

When it comes to long aircraft journeys, the comfort of crew and passengers is always a priority. Potable water and lavatory waste systems are a surefire way to ensure the comfort of all parties onboard. Priced at $10.95, Avotek has created a 16-page publication with maximum efficiency and affordability in mind. Aircraft Water and Waste […]

Avotek Reference Guide for the new ACS

Beginning Sept. 21, 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will require all Aviation Mechanic Airman Certification Standards to comply to the new 14 CFR Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools curriculum. Avotek has created a reference guide to assist in finding the help you need to revise your curriculum. In the free-of-charge ACS Reference Guide, […]

Avotek Releases Shop Friendly AMT Logbook

If you’ve been searching for an efficient method of documenting your aviation maintenance technician (AMT) hours, Avotek has your answer. The Avotek AMT Logbook is a handy tool for current and future AMTs to record the time they spend working on various aircraft or components. Dressed in a durable shop friendly cover, the logbook is […]

NCATT Radio Communication Systems (RCS) Endorsement Test Study Materials Now Available from Avotek-Online

NCATT Radio Communication Systems (RCS) Endorsement Test Study Materials Now Available from Avotek-Online The FAA now recognizes the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certificate plus one NCATT avionics endorsement as a set of knowledge considered equivalent to completing formal training as required by the regulations (14 CFR section 65.101). Federal aviation regulations require applicants for the […]

Avotek-Online Introduces Companion Course for Mechanic Instructors

Avotek-Online Introduces Companion Course for Mechanic Instructors Have you thought you could use additional skills and knowledge for teaching adult learners? David Jones wrote the Aviation Mechanic Instructor’s Handbook as a train-the-trainer for those preparing the next generation of AMTs. Most recently, he created an online course to complement that book. They are a valuable […]

Avotek releases Aircraft Turbine Engines, second edition

Avotek releases Aircraft Turbine Engines, second edition Avotek released the second edition of the classic Aircraft Turbine Engines The book was written for powerplant technicians and crewmembers who service, maintain, and operate gas turbine engines used on today’s aircraft. These readers can easily understand engine systems and components and their function as part of the […]

Avotek-Online Releases Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Series

Avotek is happy to announce a new category of online learning products. Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance is a series of online courses that cover the General section of the Mechanic exam. These courses are designed as a companion to either the Avotek or the FAA textbook series. The material has been carefully extracted and presents […]

Avotek releases Aviation Mechanic Instructor’s Handbook by David Jones

Avotek releases a new book to help AMTs better train the next generation of the workforce. David Jones, a respected pillar in the AMT instruction community, took an FAA flight-centric publication and made it more relevant to mechanic instructors. The book answers questions such as: How do I plan what I’ll teach today? What is […]

Avotek releases Avionics: Systems and Troubleshooting, third edition, by Thomas K. Eismin

This book remains an advanced avionics resource for engineers, technicians, educators and their students. Readers will gain a better understanding of line troubleshooting and computer-controlled aircraft, functional concepts of avionics systems, and the entire aircraft. The author made the following improvements for this edition: Updated material with technological changes and FAA regulations as needed Added […]

New Textbook Available Now: Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants

Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants: A Handbook for Pilots, Mechanics, and Managers is out now and available for purchase. This book introduces aircraft to students in any aviation-related track of study, whether they are future mechanics/technicians, pilots, or aviation managers. High school programs will also find this book useful for teaching the basics […]

Avotek-Online Helps AMT Schools Who Want to Offer Online Classes

Avotek is doing its part to help schools through this change in direction for instruction. Last year we launched Avotek-Online and went live with 20 courses to help you present AMT material to your students. Based on the latest ATEC survey, nearly three out of four AMT schools are working to move toward online learning […]

Avotek-Online is now an approved training provider through the Army COOL program

Avotek-Online is happy to announce that we’re an approved training provider through the Army COOL and Army Credentialing program. COOL helps soldiers meet civilian certification and license requirements related to their Military Occupational Specialties. In our case, we are helping Army soldiers work toward their NCATT AET certification as they transition to an avionics career […]

Avotek-Online and AEA Pair up to Save you Money on AET Test Prep

April 1, 2020: Last year, Avotek premiered an online study program for aviation technicians and students preparing to take the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification exam. This program is a companion to Avotek’s popular Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics textbook and is delivered in two parts: Part I – Basic Electricity and Electronics Part II – […]

New Avotek-Online Course Available Now: Principles of Sound

January 20, 2020: New to Avotek-Online and available now: Principles of Sound. Sound is an important factor in the life of aviation professionals and this course provides some of the base knowledge to help you understand how sound is created, how it is propagated, and the effects it can have on aircraft and personnel. Principles […]

New Online Training Programs Now Available!

Avotek announces the release of the newest additions to our Basic Instruction Series of online courses. Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning and Bernoulli’s Principle are the most recent conversion of programs previously only offered on DVD for classroom use. These products have been reworked into an online course format and now includes study questions. Bernoulli’s Principle: […]

New Avionics Series Textbook: Avionics: Beyond the AET second edition

Avotek releases an updated title to its avionics series, Avionics: Beyond the AET second edition. The avionics series consists of four titles, with Beyond the AET coming in as the second book. Its main purpose is preparing students to pass their NCATT Radio Communication Systems, Dependent Navigation Systems, and Autonomous Navigation Systems tests. The textbook, […]

Avotek Offers New Online Training Programs with More to Follow!

Avotek knows the importance and popularity of online training. That is why we are converting a number of our CD programs into online training programs. This will be a process that will take place over the next few months, but we are happy to announce that we have already published our first two programs, listed […]

Helicopter Maintenance Now Back in Print with Avotek!

Avotek brings back the out-of-print textbook, Helicopter Maintenance. This industry favorite has been used by many professionals and schools throughout the years and is regarded as the go-to resource in the helicopter maintenance training field. Mr. Schafer, the author, wrote it for those who want to explore maintaining rotary wing aircraft. If you have any […]

Advanced Composites 4th Edition Now Available!

Avotek launches Advanced Composites 4th edition! Avotek offers a new edition of the industry-favorite textbook, Advanced Composites. Ms. Foreman wrote this book to help students become the next generation of aircraft technicians by teaching them about composites and their repair. Instructors and students alike will benefit from these changes: Updated content with current materials and […]

Avotek Adds Online Avionics Training

  Avotek launches a new online course for aviation technicians and students preparing to pass the Aircraft Electronics Technician (AET) certification exam. This can help persons achieve a Federal Aviation Administration Part 65 Repairman Certificate quickly and save money doing it.* The Avotek-Online AET test prep course is designed for technical students, those fresh out […]

FAA 8083 AMT Handbook Series 
Now Updated!

Avotek is pleased to present the most up-to-date, revised versions of the FAA-8083 AMT Handbook series on the market. This series of handbooks by the Federal Aviation Administration is positioned to become the new go-to guide for individuals preparing to take the FAA Mechanic Knowledge test for the Airframe and the Powerplant ratings. Organized and […]

Cindy Foreman’s Advanced Composites Now Offered Exclusively by Avotek

Avotek now offers this classic textbook on composite materials. A training favorite now back in print and offered exclusively by Avotek. This book is recognized as the one of the most effective for training technicians to properly maintain and repair integral composite components.

Third Volume in Avotek’s Four-Volume Avionics Series Now Available!

Avionics: Instruments and Auxiliary Systems Vision, Radar, Threat Avoidance, Bench, Emergency The third volume in Avotek’s Avionics Series explores many of the instruments and systems that the technician may encounter in the field. Topics covered include instrument systems, radar systems and weather avoidance, terrain avoidance, traffic surveillance and warning systems, synthetic/enhanced vision systems and emergency […]

New avionics book for NCATT exam study

For schools teaching advanced avionics courses, Avotek is pleased to offer Avionics:  Beyond the AET by Tom Inman.   This new book extensively covers material relating to aircraft communication and navigation systems as well as avionics installation. Beginning with a review of key AET concepts, this volume quickly moves on to more complex material.  It is […]

Third edition of Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance released

Avotek Information Resources is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of its Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance textbook.  This textbook is the first of four in Avotek’s Aviation Maintenance Technician textbook series.  The AMT series covers the basic curriculum for CFR Part 147 schools. The third edition has been redesigned to better align […]

Avotek announces new avionics book

The second edition of  “Avionics:  Systems and Troubleshooting” by T.K. Eismin has been published by Avotek Information Resources.  Updated to focus on new technologies and the latest aircraft developments, this new volume provides a practical guide to advanced avionics for aviation maintenance schools and current avionics technicians. The second edition has been redesigned, and numerous […]

The Best Aviation Training Materials!

Whether you represent an aviation maintenance school, or you’re an instructor or aviation maintenance student, you can trust Avotek to deliver state-of-the-art aviation maintenance training technology. We publish textbooks, create multimedia materials, and manufacture training simulators — all focused on our goal of providing the best possible training experience for our customers. You won’t find […]