New Textbook Available Now: Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants

Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants: A Handbook for Pilots, Mechanics, and Managers is out now and available for purchase. This book introduces aircraft to students in any aviation-related track of study, whether they are future mechanics/technicians, pilots, or aviation managers. High school programs will also find this book useful for teaching the basics about aircraft.

Readers get an excellent overview of aircraft structures and systems. A substantial portion of the book is devoted to reciprocating and turbine powerplants and the systems that support them. Similar books offered in the past are out of print, out of date, and some ignore turbine engines. Throughout, this book explains the newest technologies and the tried-and-true ones that are still used. It is easy to understand, heavily illustrated, and has many photographs—all to enhance learning.

Topics include Aircraft Structures; Flight Controls and Flaps; Electrical Systems; Hydraulic Systems; Landing Gear, Wheels, Tires, and Brakes; Fuel Systems; Cabin Atmosphere; Instrument Systems; Ice, Rain, Smoke, and Fire Protection Systems; Aircraft Powerplants Overview; Reciprocating Engines; Reciprocating Engine Systems; Turbine Engines and Systems; and Aircraft Maintenance and Documentation.

This textbook is $39.95 and available in paperback, as a downloadable PDF, and as a Web-based interactive eBook. If you have any questions regarding this textbook, you can call or email us at: 800.828.6835,


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