Composite Materials, Fabrication and Damage Repair – Module 1

5 days, August 5–9, Weyers Cave, VA

What is the Composite Materials, Fabrication and Damage Repair – Module 1 program?
This course provides an exceptional overview of the essential knowledge of composite materials. The processes involved in fabrication and basic structural repair are explained in detail, with emphasis on specific material properties. Daily hands-on projects involve using glass, carbon, and aramid (Kevlar™) fibers along with epoxy resin systems.

What topics will be covered in this course?
This 5-day course covers

  • Applications and recent developments in composite materials for the automotive / marine / wind turbine / aviation / aerospace / sports equipment industries
  • Composite design and essential theory behind how composite structures function
  • How to detect flaws and damage in composite structures using various nondestructive inspection methods: tap-testing (mechanical impedance), ultrasound, and infrared thermography
  • Health and safety: handling and disposing of substances, composite shop requirements for compliance with standard safety practices
  • Structural repair techniques and quality assurance requirements
  • Material handling requirements: cutting, grinding, sanding
  • Vacuum bagging and curing processes for wet-layup fabrication and repair

Where will the class be held?
CES Composites will teach the class in person at the Avotek Learning Center, which is in Weyers Cave, Virginia.

Introductory price of $1,975 (regularly $2,495)

How do I register?
Use our registration form.

Are there prerequisites for joining the Composites – Module 1 course?
No. It is a foundational course for anyone interested in or already working in the composite materials industry. It is perfect for the AMTS instructor who has minimal experience in this area.

Who can benefit from this course?
This course is for newly hired Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS) instructors or an existing, experienced instructor who is beginning to teach a composites class but does not have much depth in that area. It will also benefit repair station employees, curriculum developers, and administrators who have supervisory responsibility over personnel involved in composite fabrication and repair.

What is the experience of the instructors delivering the composites training?
The instructors responsible for delivering the course material have an extensive background in composite fabrication and repair. This includes many years of experience in the field and prior experience teaching adults technical subjects. This ensure that class members will receive top-notch, informed guidance throughout their training.

What support or resources are provided during and after the course?
All course material and everything needed for the lab projects will be provided to each student.

Does this course include a certificate?
Yes. Avotek offers a certificate of completion to the participants, upon successful completion of the course material and projects.

What other classes do you offer?
In 2024, the weeks of August 5 and August 12, CES Composites and Avotek are offering three courses at our new learning center.

  • CES Composites: Composite Materials, Fabrication and Damage Repair – Module 1. 5 days, August 5–9 (this course)
  • Avotek: ACS Transition. 2 days, August 12-13
  • Avotek: New Instructor. 3 days, August 14–16