AMTS New Instructor Training

3 days, August 14–16, Weyers Cave, VA

What is the AMTS New Instructor Training Program?
This program equips individuals with the skills and methodologies to effectively deliver training sessions, ensuring that knowledge is transferred competently and engagingly to others in both formal and informal settings. Class is in-person at our learning center.

What topics will be covered in this course?
This course covers topics such as adult learning principles, course design and development, effective communication and presentation skills, feedback techniques, and strategies for engaging and motivating learners.

Where will the class be held?
At the Avotek Learning Center, which is in Weyers Cave, Virginia.

How do I register?
Use our registration form.

Are there prerequisites for joining the AMTS New Instructor Courses?
There are no formal prerequisites to attend the AMTS New Instructor Course. This course has been designed for the technician who has the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an AMT in the subject area where they will be teaching but does not have formal teacher training or prior experience.

Introductory price of $495 (regularly $950)

Who can benefit from this course?
This course has been created to help the newly hired AMTS instructor. Quite often these individuals have been selected because of their technical expertise and their willingness to share that information. They often do not have prior teaching credentials or experience in the classroom and lab-shop environments, which are common to the AMTS.

What is the experience of the instructors delivering the AMT Instructor training?
The instructors responsible for delivering the course material have an extensive background. This includes many years of experience in the field and prior teaching experience in an AMT school. This ensures that class members will receive top-notch, informed guidance throughout their training.

How long does it take to complete the AMTS New Instructor Course?
The course is designed to be instructor led and will last 3 days (24 hours of instruction).

What support or resources are provided during and after the course?
The Aviation Mechanic Instructor’s Handbook, published by Avotek, will be used as the primary text. It contains sample materials that can serve as templates for use in the classroom. Avotek may send you emails containing valuable information on new products, new classes, and changes in the FAA regulations that could affect your activities in the school.

What other classes do you offer?
In 2024, the weeks of August 5 and August 12, CES Composites and Avotek are offering three courses at our new learning center.