AMTS Instructor ACS Transition Training

2 days, August 12-13 or 19-20, Weyers Cave, VA.

  Note: This class is full. You may register, but you will be placed on the Waitlist.


What is the AMTS Instructor ACS Transition Program?
This program guides individuals through the transition to the new regulations, record keeping systems, and expanded methods of presentation that are approved in the new Part 147. It provides an overview of the structure and content of the ACS and resources you can use that directly support it. Class is in-person at our learning center. Class will also be conducted at some regional locations; dates and locations to be determined.
Notes: AMTS = Aviation Maintenance Technician School; ACS = Airman Certification Standards

What topics will be covered in this course?
This course covers topics such as the emergence of the revised Part 147, the shift from Practical Test Standards to the ACS, the move from hourly requirements to competency-based instruction, using standards and systems dictated by the school’s accrediting commission rather than an FAA-approved system unique to each school, and changes in the way that material can be presented and how the instruction in theory and practical skills may be approached under the new rule.

No charge! Prior registration is required; class size is limited.

Where will the class be held?
At the Avotek Learning Center, which is in Weyers Cave, Virginia.

How do I register?
Use the registration buttons above. Note: The August 12-13 class is full. You may still register, but you will be placed on the Waitlist. We added another session for August 19-20, 2024.

Are there prerequisites for joining the ACS Transition Courses?
Because there are no established credentials required for AMTS instructors beyond those stated in 14 CFR Part 147, this course does not name specific academic prerequisites. However, the material is aimed at the technician who has adequate field experience for the subjects being taught and previous experience teaching in a Part 147 environment before the release of the new Part 147, and the shift from the Airman Practical Test Standards that have been replaced by the ACS.

Who can benefit from this course?
This course has been created to help currently employed AMTS instructors, Part 147 school administrators, curriculum developers and others responsible for aviation course content. It will guide them through transition to the new regulations, record keeping systems, and expanded methods of presentation that were not permitted under the previous version of Part 147.

How long does it take to complete the ACS Transition Course?
The course is designed to be instructor led and will last 2 days (16 hours of instruction).

What support or resources are provided during and after the course?
The ACS Transition Course references many FAA publications that are available for free on They will be discussed in class and the locations given. Additionally, the curriculum support material and equipment available from Avotek will be introduced.

What other classes do you offer?
In 2024, the weeks of August 5 and August 12, CES Composites and Avotek are offering three courses at our new learning center.