FAA 8083 AMT Handbook Series 
Now Updated!

Avotek is pleased to present the most up-to-date, revised versions of the FAA-8083 AMT Handbook series on the market.

This series of handbooks by the Federal Aviation Administration is positioned to become the new go-to guide for individuals preparing to take the FAA Mechanic Knowledge test for the Airframe and the Powerplant ratings. Organized and published in four books, they provide a new look at the subjects previously covered in Advisory Circulars and a great deal of new and updated information. A glossary and index are also welcome additions for each book.

In response to input provided by our school customers, Avotek conducted an extensive review of the government publications and corrected errors that had slipped by proofreaders, but not by the scrutiny of instructors and students all over the country. Our review also included repairing or replacing drawings and photographs that were incorrect, not clear, or not suitable to the material being discussed.

Cindy Foreman’s Advanced Composites Now Offered Exclusively by Avotek

Avotek now offers this classic textbook on composite materials. A training favorite now back in print and offered exclusively by Avotek. This book is recognized as the one of the most effective for training technicians to properly maintain and repair integral composite components.

Third Volume in Avotek’s Four-Volume Avionics Series Now Available!

Avionics: Instruments and Auxiliary Systems

Vision, Radar, Threat Avoidance, Bench, Emergency

The third volume in Avotek’s Avionics Series explores many of the instruments and systems that the technician may encounter in the field. Topics covered include instrument systems, radar systems and weather avoidance, terrain avoidance, traffic surveillance and warning systems, synthetic/enhanced vision systems and emergency equipment. A chapter dedicated to the needs of bench technicians rounds out the volume.

Modern aircraft have many systems beyond basic navigation and communication. This book expands Avotek’s Avionics Series to provide complete coverage of systems available in today’s well equipped aircraft.

Written in an easy-to-grasp style and with many illustrations, this volume is designed to provide effective instruction for students on common avionics systems, old and new.


New avionics book for NCATT exam study

For schools teaching advanced avionics courses, Avotek is pleased to offer Avionics:  Beyond the AET by Tom Inman.   This new book extensively covers material relating to aircraft communication and navigation systems as well as avionics installation.

Beginning with a review of key AET concepts, this volume quickly moves on to more complex material.  It is designed for advanced students and for current technicians preparing for the NCATT exams.

The author is an associate professor at Pennsylvania College of Technology and a regular contributor to the Aircraft Electronics Association publications.

Third edition of Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance released

Avotek Information Resources is pleased to announce the release of the third edition of its Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance textbook.  This textbook is the first of four in Avotek’s Aviation Maintenance Technician textbook series.  The AMT series covers the basic curriculum for CFR Part 147 schools.

The third edition has been redesigned to better align with traditional curriculum structure.  Information has been included to better or more fully answer more than 70 known FAA airframe and powerplant test questions.

Content has been added on corrosion and cleaning, safety and ground handling, aerospace materials and FAA parts certification standards.  Updated illustrations and additional color have been added throughout the book to enhance the concept explanations.

Avotek announces new avionics book

The second edition of  “Avionics:  Systems and Troubleshooting” by T.K. Eismin has been published by Avotek Information Resources.  Updated to focus on new technologies and the latest aircraft developments, this new volume provides a practical guide to advanced avionics for aviation maintenance schools and current avionics technicians.

The second edition has been redesigned, and numerous color photos and illustrations have been added throughout.  Added discussions cover transport category power distribution systems, electronic panel displays, synthetic vision, electronic flight bags, satellite weather systems and ground proximity systems.

This volume takes the AMT past the basic avionics systems into the intricacies of today’s advanced systems.  It is a valuable tool in preparing for NCATT certification testing.