Avotek Releases the Aviation Mechanic ACS Book Series

Finally! An entire set of Aviation Mechanic Airman Certification Standards (ACS) textbooks you can teach from. This series is arranged/organized by the FAA ACS subjects and covers everything. We used the 67 pages of the ACS as a roadmap to create more than 2,100 pages of General, Airframe, and Powerplant material.

As background, the FAA made a huge step forward with the new Part 147 in modernizing the training requirements. We created a new book series that is specifically tailored to work with the new requirements.

Ease your workload and use books that directly support the ACS—books that are ACS Good-to-Go!

For details on each book, see

These textbooks are available for ordering now. If you have any questions, call or email us at 800.828.6835 or sales@avotek.com.

Avotek Improves Flight Safety with Risk Management for Aviation Maintenance Technicians

Risk Management for Aviation Maintenance Technicians is Avotek’s newest publication for improving flight safety by means of risk management.

Air travel is very safe, but more can be done to make it even more so. A key way to do this is to manage risk. David Jones explains risk management in the aircraft maintenance environment in a language and format for the AMT student. With the introduction of risk management elements to the ACS, it is critical that this information is available to candidates for certification.

This eight-chapter title contains photos and illustrations. It is available as a softcover book or as a web-based or downloadable eBook. Purchase Risk Management for Aviation Maintenance Technicians here!

Increase AMT student engagement with Avotek-Online’s new online course

Avotek-Online has released a new online course to cover the Aircraft Water and Waste Systems material now required by the ACS. This course complements Avotek’s recently released Aircraft Water and Waste Systems booklet and is the first offering in a group of courses that go in the Aircraft System Maintenance category/series on our Avotek-Online page.

This online experience is an excellent way to increase student engagement and learning by having students complete the theory portion of the subject area at home but have their questions answered and work on the skills and problem solving during in-person class time. Often referred to as “flipping the classroom,” this technique can be a very effective way to present AMT material.

Learn more about the Avotek-Online experience on our website!

Aircraft Nondestructive Testing blasts away old NDT resources

Aircraft Nondestructive Testing takes a deep dive with a modern take on nondestructive testing (NDT) to maintain aircraft and extend an aircraft’s useful life even more. This book explores many types of NDT that are commonly used in the aviation industry. You can see the physical, chemical, and electrical concepts that are applied and how they are used to help the technician “see” the defect without having to destroy the part in the process.

With 215 pages, illustrations, photos, glossary, and an index this publication remains an easily consumable resource for aviation maintenance training students or as a training tool for repair stations. Aircraft Nondestructive Testing is an alternative to NDT books that have been the standard for decades. Don’t settle for outdated information.

Take your next step into Avotek’s state-of-the-art aviation maintenance training by purchasing Aviation Nondestructive Testing today. Find out more here or by contacting our sales team at (540)-234-9399.

Avotek creates budget friendly option in alignment with Airmen Certification Standards

When it comes to long aircraft journeys, the comfort of crew and passengers is always a priority. Potable water and lavatory waste systems are a surefire way to ensure the comfort of all parties onboard. Priced at $10.95, Avotek has created a 16-page publication with maximum efficiency and affordability in mind. Aircraft Water and Waste Systems is a short publication on the sophisticated potable water and lavatory waste systems in modern day aircraft.

Made specifically to fill the gap between the current textbooks available and the requirements of the new FAA-S-ACS-1 Airmen Certification Standards subject listing, this booklet comes complete with student workbook questions at the end. The content of Aircraft Water and Waste Systems gives some background and history before detailing the system components, how they operate, inspection requirements, and how to service the systems.

Find out more here or by contacting our sales team at (540)-234-9399. You can also search Aircraft and Waste Systems with ISBN: 1-933189-93-2 and ISBN 13: 978-1-933189-93-2.

Avotek Releases Shop Friendly AMT Logbook

If you’ve been searching for an efficient method of documenting your aviation maintenance technician (AMT) hours, Avotek has your answer. The Avotek AMT Logbook is a handy tool for current and future AMTs to record the time they spend working on various aircraft or components. Dressed in a durable shop friendly cover, the logbook is specifically designed for AMT use.

Students can use this book as evidence of on-the-job training. The logbook can be used, in part, to determine if students meet requirements for an A&P Mechanic certificate. Current AMTs can use the logbook to record experience towards inspection authorization renewals.

The Avotek AMT Logbook is available for purchase now. If you have any questions, call or email us at 800-828-6835 or sales@avotek.com.


Avotek releases Aircraft Turbine Engines, second edition

Avotek releases Aircraft Turbine Engines, second edition

Avotek released the second edition of the classic Aircraft Turbine Engines The book was written for powerplant technicians and crewmembers who service, maintain, and operate gas turbine engines used on today’s aircraft. These readers can easily understand engine systems and components and their function as part of the overall engine operation.

This latest edition has the following notable improvements:

  • Updated the timeline of advancements
  • Added or improved the content on enthalpy, additive (3D) manufacturing, digital instrument examples, engine health management systems
  • New format with more color photos and illustrations and an improved index

This textbook is available for ordering now. If you have any questions about the book, call or email us at 800-828-6835 or sales@avotek.com

Avotek releases Aviation Mechanic Instructor’s Handbook by David Jones

Avotek releases a new book to help AMTs better train the next generation of the workforce. David Jones, a respected pillar in the AMT instruction community, took an FAA flight-centric publication and made it more relevant to mechanic instructors. The book answers questions such as:

  • How do I plan what I’ll teach today?
  • What is the ideal learning process?
  • What are my responsibilities as an instructor?
  • How can I better get through to my students?
  • How can I tell if my students are truly learning this stuff?

…and more.

It is a train-the-trainer guide for mechanic instructors.

This textbook is available for ordering now. If you have any questions about this book, call or email us at: 800.828.6835 or sales@avotek.com.

Avotek releases Avionics: Systems and Troubleshooting, third edition, by Thomas K. Eismin

This book remains an advanced avionics resource for engineers, technicians, educators and their students. Readers will gain a better understanding of line troubleshooting and computer-controlled aircraft, functional concepts of avionics systems, and the entire aircraft.

The author made the following improvements for this edition:

  • Updated material with technological changes and FAA regulations as needed
  • Added technical information for modern aircraft, such as the Cessna Mustang, Boeing 787, and Airbus A350
  • Updated material on sensor technologies, data link services, and airborne broadband for passenger entertainment
  • Improved the discussion on fiber optic data transfer systems
  • Added ADS-B In and Out technologies, uses, and applications
  • Improved discussions on data link services for ground and airborne communications and Integrated Modular Avionics
  • Improved numerous figures and tables

This textbook is available for ordering now. If you have any questions about the book, call or email us at: 800.828.6835 or sales@avotek.com

New Textbook Available Now: Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants

Introduction to Aircraft Structures, Systems, and Powerplants: A Handbook for Pilots, Mechanics, and Managers is out now and available for purchase. This book introduces aircraft to students in any aviation-related track of study, whether they are future mechanics/technicians, pilots, or aviation managers. High school programs will also find this book useful for teaching the basics about aircraft.

Readers get an excellent overview of aircraft structures and systems. A substantial portion of the book is devoted to reciprocating and turbine powerplants and the systems that support them. Similar books offered in the past are out of print, out of date, and some ignore turbine engines. Throughout, this book explains the newest technologies and the tried-and-true ones that are still used. It is easy to understand, heavily illustrated, and has many photographs—all to enhance learning.

Topics include Aircraft Structures; Flight Controls and Flaps; Electrical Systems; Hydraulic Systems; Landing Gear, Wheels, Tires, and Brakes; Fuel Systems; Cabin Atmosphere; Instrument Systems; Ice, Rain, Smoke, and Fire Protection Systems; Aircraft Powerplants Overview; Reciprocating Engines; Reciprocating Engine Systems; Turbine Engines and Systems; and Aircraft Maintenance and Documentation.

This textbook is $39.95 and available in paperback, as a downloadable PDF, and as a Web-based interactive eBook. If you have any questions regarding this textbook, you can call or email us at: 800.828.6835, sales@avotek.com


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