Avotek creates budget friendly option in alignment with Airmen Certification Standards

When it comes to long aircraft journeys, the comfort of crew and passengers is always a priority. Potable water and lavatory waste systems are a surefire way to ensure the comfort of all parties onboard. Priced at $10.95, Avotek has created a 16-page publication with maximum efficiency and affordability in mind. Aircraft Water and Waste Systems is a short publication on the sophisticated potable water and lavatory waste systems in modern day aircraft.

Made specifically to fill the gap between the current textbooks available and the requirements of the new FAA-S-ACS-1 Airmen Certification Standards subject listing, this booklet comes complete with student workbook questions at the end. The content of Aircraft Water and Waste Systems gives some background and history before detailing the system components, how they operate, inspection requirements, and how to service the systems.

Find out more here or contacting our sales team at (540)-234-9399. You can also search Aircraft and Waste Systems with ISBN: 1-933189-93-2 and ISBN 13: 978-1-933189-93-2.

Avotek Resource Guide for the new ACS

Beginning Sept. 21, 2022, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will require all Aviation Mechanic Airman Certification Standards to comply to the new 14 CFR Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Technician Schools curriculum. Avotek has created a resource guide to assist in finding the help you need to revise your curriculum. In the free-of-charge ACS-Avotek Resource Guide, readers can identify where in our Avotek core textbook series each subject is covered in accordance with the new ACS. Subjects not covered in our core series are also listed in the reference guide with additional books offered by Avotek.

Find the ACS-Avotek Resource Guide here.