See how aircraft systems operate in weather phenomenon with Avotek’s Ice and Rain Control Systems Course

Ice and rain present some of the most difficult conditions for aircraft to operate in. Ice and Rain Control Systems explores some of the most common systems in use to handle these weather phenomena. This program looks at the most popular methods used to prevent icing, remove accumulated ice and systems used to allow flight crews to better see what is ahead when operating in rainy conditions.

Condensed into twenty-five minutes, Ice and Rain Control Systems is the latest release in Avotek-Online’s Aircraft System Maintenance category. This category is designed to meet the FAA standard released in 2022. The material covers the curriculum requirements for the new Airman Certification Standards (ACS) and relates well to either the Avotek textbooks or the Federal Aviation Administration’s 8083 maintenance series.

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Avotek-Online keeps up new ACS momentum

Avotek-Online announces another addition to our Aircraft System Maintenance Category of aviation maintenance training programs. Cabin Environmental Systems provides an overview of the systems that are installed to provide passenger safety and comfort. These include Oxygen, Pressurization, Heating and Air Conditioning. With a total run time of 60 minutes, this program is divided into three easy-to-process lessons.

The Aircraft Systems Maintenance Category is designed to meet the requirements of the recently released Airman Certification Standards (ACS) for Mechanics, this material can be used to support a Part 147 curriculum, or any other aircraft maintenance education program.

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