New Online Training Programs Now Available!

Avotek announces the release of the newest additions to our Basic Instruction Series of online courses. Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning and Bernoulli’s Principle are the most recent conversion of programs previously only offered on DVD for classroom use. These products have been reworked into an online course format and now includes study questions.

Bernoulli’s Principle: Why an Airplane Flies

One of the most common laws of physics applied to aircraft systems is Bernoulli’s Principle. This program covers the basics of Bernoulli’s Principle, and how it relates to an aircraft in flight. Along the way it also shows some simple demonstrations that can be done at home to prove that Bernoulli’s Principle really works. If you would like to see a short example of what the course would look like, we have uploaded a sneak peek to our YouTube channel. You can get this entire course for just $9!

Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning

We are happy to announce the addition of  Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning Systems to Avotek-Online. This course was originally offered exclusively on DVD, but is now an online course. The program introduces the components of the system, the equipment used for servicing these systems, and demonstrates the basic service operations performed in the aircraft maintenance facility. You can enroll in this very informative course for just $19. To see a short sample of the course, we have uploaded a sneak peek to our YouTube channel. Not the course you are looking for? Check out the rest of our Avotek-Online Library to see everything we have!