KV920 Aircraft Lighting Systems Lab

The KV920 is designed to introduce the basic theory of DC electricity through an aviation theme. The trainer features the external lighting circuits of a typical aircraft allowing the student to wire circuits in series or parallel, observe the operation of the circuits, and measure voltage, resistance, and current using a digital multimeter. A switch panel on the back of the trainer allows the instructor to induce shorts or opens in any of the circuits and to simulate a blown fuse. Designed to mimic the instrument panel and lights of a common general aviation aircraft, the trainer helps students learn how these circuits work and how the lights of an aircraft are used in flight. A companion Android app is available in the Google Play Store, which guides the student through wiring the circuits, operation and testing, and for advanced students, troubleshooting faults in wiring circuits. The KV920 is a perfect solution for introducing students to the world of electricity and teaching the basic concepts of series and parallel circuits along with measuring voltage, resistance, and current with a multimeter.


  • Mimics the electrical controls and lights of a typical general aviation (GA) aircraft
  • Uses low-current LEDs that are reverse polarity protected to prevent burnout
  • Includes color-coded banana-plug patch cables for easy circuit connection
  • Android app available to guide student through all learning objectives using a tablet device
  • Fault panel on back of the trainer allows instructor to induce faults or simulate a blown fuse
  • Manual contains discussion on how the various lights are used in flight, different ways to wire electrical circuits, how to use a digital multimeter to measure voltage, resistance, and current, and how to troubleshoot faulty circuits
  • Power input: 110-120VAC 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 23.5”W × 14.5”H × 10”D


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