Turbine Engine Tools

Avotek has provided specialized tooling with its non-runnable turbine engines for many years.  These tools are available independent of engine purchase.

PT6A-20 Hot Section Tools   TA45


  •       Power Turbine Wheel Holder
  •       Compressor Turbine Wheel Holder
  •       Turbine Wheel Unlocking Tool
  •       Turbine Wheel Locking Tool
  •       Turbine Wheel Puller

J34 Power Turbine Wheel Removal Tools   TA46

  •       Turbine Wheel Sling
  •       Turbine Wheel Holder
  •       Turbine Wheel Nut Wrenches
  •       Turbine Wheel Puller

Rolls-Royce/Allison 250 Tools   TA49

The Allison 250 tool package includes the wrenches and holders needed to remove:

  •       Inner Turbine
  •       Outer Turbine
  •       Tie bolt
  •       Turbine oil sump nut
  •       #2, 5, 6, 7, & 8 bearing spanner nuts

JT15D Hot-Section Tools   TA50

  •       Low Pressure Turbine – Unlock Tool, Puller, Installation Tool, Locking Tool, Oil Transfer Tube Puller
  •       High Pressure Turbine – Socket, Puller
  •       Powerdyne/Torquemeter Adapters
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