Turbine Hydraulic Landing Gear System Trainer AL45

The Avotek Turbine Hydraulic Landing Gear System Trainer  (AL45) is a fully functioning jet-style landing gear system. It includes all the components and systems listed below. This trainer is a welcome addition to any airframe systems lab; it can also be used as a hydraulic systems trainer. It uses the phosphate ester-based hydraulic fluid, Skydrol®—a fluid that is commonly used on modern transport category aircraft.


  • Operational jet-style multi-disc brake system with brake pedal, master cylinder, brake, wheel and tire assembly
  • Throttle with sensor (micro-switch to activate warning horn when throttle is closed with gear in the up position)
  • Control panel
  • Landing gear control valve
  • Fluid reservoir
  • Thermal relief valve
  • Main relief valve and system filter
  • Hydraulically activated
  • flap system
  • Pressure regulator
  • Hydraulic uplock
  • Weight-on-wheels switch
  • Hydraulically activated air speed brake system with control valve and safety valve
  • Landing gear door
  • Landing gear position indicator lights (up and down)
  • Landing gear warning horn
  • Wing section from a jet aircraft
  • Shop stand
  • Electrically driven engine hydraulic pump
  • Operations training manual (with all wiring diagrams)
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