Engine Cutaways

Avotek has a full line-up of engine to compliment and complete training in powerplant systems.  The following units are described in detail in the Engine section.

O-320 AVCO Lycoming Engine   E34  

Motorized O-320 AVCO Lycoming Engine  E34M  

GSO-480 AVCO Lycoming Engine  E19 

GTSIO-520 Continental Engine  E50  

Motorized PT-6A Turbine  E46  

J34 Turbojet Engine   E41   

Rolls-Royce/Allison 250 Series Engine   E51  

Cutaway APU Turbine   E73

PT6T Cutaway   E70

Pratt and Whitney JT15D Cut Away   E65

Rotax Cutaway   E74

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