Advanced Autopilot System Trainer AV23

The Avotek AV23 Autopilot System Trainer is designed to allow instructors to:

  • Describe the foundation of a modern autopilot system
  • Demonstrate the functions of each subsystem
  • Provide hands-on instruction with the manual functions of flight controls
  • Simulate the controls when an aircraft is in autopilot mode
  • Simulate how autopilot systems are maintained
  • Introduce faults in the system, to give students practical experience in a controlled environment and to troubleshoot system errors


  • Remote-mounted, magnetic-slaved directional gyro
  • Flight computer
  • Magnetic slaving transmitter
  • Flight director
  • Horizontal situation indicator
  • Roll, yaw and pitch servos
  • Pitch trim servo
  • Vacuum pump
  • Instrument panel
  • Control panel
  • Mode selector
  • Yaw mode selector
  • Slaving control
  • Flight Controls
  • Control yoke and rudder pedals


  • Components mounted on a sturdy roll-around unit
  • Instructor’s panel for fault insertion
  • System manual with technical data, operating instructions and wiring diagram
  • Computer-based training package
  • Interface connectors provided for integration with EFIS, and with our Model AV22 Aircraft Avionics System Trainer


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