Carburetor Cutaways

Marvel-Schebler Float-Type Carburetor  EA56

The Marvel-Schebler MA3 and MA4 series carburetors are some of the most common float type carburetors found in general aviation.  This cut-away makes it easy to see the inner workings of these units including the float bowl, venturi, throttle valve and mixture control mechanism.

Bendix PS5 Series Carburetor Cutaway  EA15

Skillfully cut away to show the venturi, accelerator pump, fuel regulator control unit, power enrichment valve and manual mixture control, the Bendix PS5 series is useful to illustrate the inner workings of a typical pressure carburetor.

Cabin Pressurization Supercharger Cutaway AS80

Aircraft pressurization can be accomplished either through the use of compressor bleed air or by an engine-driven cabin pressurization supercharger.  Avotek has a limited number of aircraft superchargers available in cut-away form.  This unit makes it easy to show the basic operation of Roots-type blowers.

Exhaust-Driven Turbocharger Display EA54

An exhaust-driven turbocharger like that used on many light and medium aircraft and helicopters.  See Powerplant systems for further details.

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