Q – How do I log in to see my ebook?

A – Click on the “ebook login” button at the top right of the home page. This will take you to your ebook account page where you can view your purchase(s). Simply click “read” next to the ebook of your choice and a new tab will open your book.


Q – Are there compatability when viewing the ebooks with certain types of devices?

A – At present we are not aware of any issues with devices since viewing is internet-access based. Desktops require a flash player. You will be given the option to download the latest version if it is not currently installed on your computer.


Q – Can I view my ebook from any browser?

A – Your ebook can be viewed initially from any browser; however; since a cookie is required in the browser to view it, it is browser specific. Whatever browser the e-book was first accessed through is the one it must be viewed through. (You may need to enable cookies if the browser is set for high privacy.)


Q – How long will my ebook be viewable?

A – The length of your subscription plus any renewals.


Q – I just deleted my cookies. Now I can’t view my ebook. How do I retrieve a lost cookie?

A – A cookie can be reset by you up to three (3) times. From the “Your ebooks” page you will see the devices registered for your purchased ebooks. You will need to unregister the device that needs to be reset. You can then access the ebook from the “Read” ebook option. The cookie will be reset at that time. If you should need more than three resets, you will need to contact Avotek.


Q – Can I access the ebook on my desktop computer and my tablet?

A – An internet connection is required to access the ebook. Each purchased ebook is viewable on two devices.


Q – I just bought a new computer/smart phone/tablet. Can I transfer my ebook access to the new device?

A – The devices can be changed by unregistering the current one on the “Your ebooks” page. Any new device added is considered one of the three allowed cookie resets.


Q – I have lost access to my ebook. How can I reach technical support?

A – Questions on technical issues can be e-mailed to support@avotek.dev. Someone will respond to help resolve any technical problems you may encounter. To help expedite the solution, please provide as much detail as possible about when the problem occurred and what pages or links are troublesome.