Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting

Avotek Quality Trainers for ARFF and Emergency Services Personnel

As a leading manufacturer of aviation technical training aids, we identified a need for quality training equipment for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and Emergency Services departments. To meet that need, Avotek developed ARFF trainers and also offers aircraft components exclusively for fire and rescue training, which otherwise are not available. All of the trainers are movable and can be used indoors. Whole aircraft are available for static display training.

Whether you work with a dedicated airport-based ARFF department or a mutual aid department that assists when incidents happen, training is the most important part of your job. Until now, training equipment was limited to simulators manufactured to look like aircraft, not aircraft components. Hands-on training on actual aircraft components gives you the practical experience necessary to develop the confidence you need to do your job without second guessing your decisions when seconds count.

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