Avionics: Instruments and Auxiliary Systems - Textbook


Vision, Radar, Threat Avoidance, Bench, Emergency

7 chapters | Color photos & illustrations | Detailed diagrams

Order #: T-AVINAU-0101

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The third volume in Avotek’s Avionics Series explores many of the instruments and systems that the technician may encounter in the field. Topics covered include instrument systems, radar systems and weather avoidance, terrain avoidance, traffic surveillance and warning systems, synthetic/enhanced vision systems and emergency equipment. A chapter dedicated to the needs of bench technicians rounds out the volume.

Modern aircraft have many systems beyond basic navigation and communication. This book expands Avotek’s Avionics Series to provide complete coverage of systems available in today’s well equipped aircraft.

Written in an easy-to-grasp style and with many illustrations, this volume is designed to provide effective instruction for students on common avionics systems, old and new.


  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Radar Systems
  • Air Traffic Surveillance and Warning
  • Weather and Terrain Awareness Avoidance
  • Synthetic and Enhanced Vision
  • Avionics Bench Equipment and Practices
  • Emergency-Related Avionics


ISBN13: 978-1-933189-56-7