Aircraft Diesel Engines

In addition to their legendary reliability, jet fuel piston engines, based on modern automotive engineering combined with diesel cycle technology, offer distinct advantages for aviation use. Prepare your students with a variety of training packages.


An ideal stand-alone test cell, Avotek’s runnable diesel engine includes a modern FADEC unit and a propeller. The engine is mounted on one of our custom-manufactured run-up stands. Delivered ready to run, fully tested and operational.


The same basic engine is available for classroom instructional purposes. Mounted on an easy-to-roll workstand, this option is designed for disassembly, reassembly, display and general familiarization.

Cutaway (motorized and

Need to show the internal workings? We have a cutaway option that is carefully designed to show all of the engine’s internal components. It is available in a version with powered rotation that is mounted on a custom, easy-to-roll display stand and only requires 110-volt AC to operate. If you have a limited budget, the same engine is available on an workstand with a manual turning bar to rotate the engine.

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