Light Sport Aircraft Inspection Procedures - Textbook


by Kevin Kochersberger, Ph.D.

The newest form of recreational flying

5 chapters | Photos & illustrations | Detailed diagrams

Order #: T-LSINPR-0101

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The Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) category encompasses many types of aircraft including airplanes, gliders, powered parachutes, and lighter-than-air aircraft that may be much different in design than the typical “general aviation” aircraft. Many of the emerging aircraft designs promise to account for significant growth in aviation.

Many of the inspection and maintenance requirements for LSAs are unique to these types of aircraft.  Written for the owner of any LSA this book covers all the basic methods and techniques that are needed to inspect and maintain a Light Sport Aircraft.


  • Introduction to Light Sport Aircraft
  • Regulations Governing Light Sport Aircraft
  • Airframe Inspections
  • Systems Inspections
  • Engine System Inspections

ISBN: 1-933189-06-1