Advanced Composites


by Cindy Foreman

12 chapters plus Glossary

Order #: T-ADVCOM-0101

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Composite materials are recognized as the most advanced substance for fabricating aircraft structures. Their greatest advantage is the high strength-to-weight ratio. As technology advances, so does the need for trained technicians to properly maintain and repair integral composite components. Advanced Composites delves into the different types of composites and how they are used, produced, repaired and maintained, providing complete information on safety, equipment and troubleshooting procedures. This textbook on composite aircraft repair is only the beginning of a new field of study for the technician of the future.


  • What is a Composite Structure?
  • Reinforcing Fibers
  • Matrix and Core Materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Composite Safety
  • Applying Pressure
  • Methods of Curing
  • Machining Composites
  • Setting up Shop
  • Assessment and Repair
  • Types of Repair

ISBN: 978-1-933189-55-0