Volume 4: Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance - Textbook


Instruction in powerplant maintenance

5 chapters | Color photos & illustrations | Detailed diagrams

Order #: T-POWER-0201   Included as part of the Powerplant Kit, the AMT Series Textbook Set, and the AMT Series Textbook/Workbook Set.

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Reciprocating and turbine engine systems as well as propeller systems are covered in depth in this textbook.   Engine principles and design are discussed along with instrumentation, fuels, inspections and maintenance.

Now, in its second edition, Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance has been updated and expanded. New color illustrations and photographs have been added to emphasize key points. The content has been arranged to streamline the teaching of engine theory and systems.


  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Basic engine theory, design and construction, inspections, maintenance and engine operations.
  • Reciprocating Engine Systems
  • Instruments, lubrication, ignition, fuel, induction, cooling, exhaust electronic engine systems.
  • Turbine Engines
  • Turbine engine theory, operating principles, construction, inspections and maintenance.
  • Turbine Engine Systems
  • Propeller Systems


ISBN: 1-933189-12-6


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