Electrical System Cutaways

Magneto Cutaways

Aircraft piston engine ignition is usually accomplished through the operation of an aircraft magneto.  Avotek offers a variety of the most popular Bendix and Slick magnetos in cut-away form.  All units are carefully designed to reveal the complete inner mechanism of the magneto, and in most cases are capable of generating a spark.


Bendix 2000 Series Dual Magneto   EA29

Bendix 20 Series Magneto   EA55

Bendix 200 Series Magneto   EA57

Bendix 1200 Series Magneto   EA35

Slick Magneto   EA32


DC Generator   EA65

This cut-away unit clearly demonstrates the operation of a basic DC generator.  The armature, fields, brushes and internal wiring are all easily viewable.

Light Aircraft Starter   EA66

Most Lycoming engines use a lightweight DC motor with clutch assembly to engage the starter ring gear.  This unit showcases the internal operation of both the starter and associated clutch.

Inverter   AE61

This rotary mechanical inverter is cut away to show both the motor and AC generator/alternator to demonstrate direct current power conversion to alternating current.

Sunstrand Constant Speed Drive  EA64  

Available as a cut-away or complete unit.  See description in Powerplant systems.

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