Fuel System Components

Avotek’s fuel system components are ideal for instruction in the basic repair and maintenance of typical aircraft fuel systems.  These units provide both visual knowledge and hands-on training and can be used in various applications such as engine testing/run-up stands.

Fuel Injection Components

Fuel injection systems are available for many of the engines offered by Avotek.  See Reciprocating Engines section for complete details on engines.


Avotek offers common float-type and pressure-type carburetors for classroom instruction. Most major systems and theories of induction operation can be covered with these units.


Other Fuel Components are available including:

  • Fuel Pumps – boost pumps and engine-driven pumps
  • Fuel Valves & Switches – selector, control, and shut-off valves
  • Strainers, Gascolators, & Fuel Quantity Transmitters 
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