Hydraulic System Cutaways

Eclipse Type 389 Pump    H45

The pump and motor of the Eclipse 389 hydraulic gear pump are cut away to show their internal operations. The flow of hydraulic fluid and the operation of a typical gerotor gear pump are clearly visible, as is the function of a typical CD drive motor.

Stratopower Pump   H93

This unit reveals the drive cam and pistons within the variable displacement demand-type pump.

Vickers Variable Displacement Pump  H94

The Vickers Variable Displacement pump is characterized by a grouping of angled pistons.  This unit is cut away to show how the rotating group of pistons operates to create an effective hydraulic pump.

Double Action Actuator   H88

This simple cut-away illustrates the internal workings of a standard double action hydraulic pump.

Spherical Bladder-Type Accumulator   H87

The accumulator is a key component of any hydraulic system.  This unit shows the purpose and function of the spherical bladder-type accumulator.

Hydraulic Cartridge Filter   H89

Cartridge type filters are found in most modern aircraft hydraulic systems.  This simple cut-away shows how contaminants are eliminated from the system as the hydraulic fluid flows through the filter.

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