Avionics: Beyond the AET - Textbook


Navigation, Communication, and Installation

by Tom Inman

9 chapters | Color photos & illustrations | Detailed diagrams

Order #: T-AVBAET-0101

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For schools teaching advanced avionics courses, Avotek offers Avionics: Beyond The AET.  Beginning with a review of key AET concepts, this volume quickly moves on to the material required for the NCATT AET Radio Communication Systems endorsement. It extensively covers material relating to aircraft navigation systems and avionics installation.  Current AETs also will find it useful for NCATT exam preparation.
Author Tom Inman is an associate professor and co-department chair at Pennsylvania College of Technology. He is a regular contributor to the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) magazine. Tom has worked in avionics for over 30 years.


  • Basic Electronics Theory
  • Radio Communication Theory – Radio wave , frequency bands & radio propagation
  • Radio Receivers
  • Aviation Radio Communication – History, systems, VHF and satellite communications
  • Dependent and Autonomous Navigation Systems
  • Installation and Integration
  • Installation Project Administration


ISBN: 1-933189-29-0


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