Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation - Textbook


Practical information for AMTs and avionics technicians

12 chapters | Photos & illustrations | Detailed diagrams

Order #: T-WIEL-0101

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Aircraft Wiring & Electrical Installation is one of the only books available that details the intricacies of the wiring, terminations and connectors specific to aircraft installations.

This volume provides practical information necessary to identify and install aircraft wiring and features information on soldering, coaxial cable, data bus cables and repair techniques.  It will remain a handy reference in your toolbox for years to come.



  • Wiring and Cable Preparation; Connectors and Cabeling
  • Solderless Terminations and Splices
  • Bonding and Grounding
  • Soldering Methods
  • Electrical Connector Sealing
  • Installation of Electrical Hardware, Wiring, Lamps and Fuses

ISBN: 1-933189-07-X